Thought Leadership

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AccessPrivacy works to help clients stay on top of the here and now, while also anticipating and addressing the challenges of tomorrow.  We not only support organizations to adopt best practices, but we work with them to define “next practices” as well. In that way, we aim to be Canada’s Think-and-Do Tank in the burgeoning field of privacy law. As a few examples:

  • AccessPrivacy is actively tracking legislative reform across the country and creating resources to help stakeholders navigate these reforms, such as our regularly updated Annotated Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (Qu├ębec) as amended by Bill 64
  • AccessPrivacy filed a Submission to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada as part of its Consultations on Transfers of Data for Processing.
  • AccessPrivacy has co-founded and recently launched “CANON”, the Canadian Anonymization Network, which is an informal network, comprised of data custodians from across private, public and health sectors, whose primary purpose is to promote anonymization as a privacy-respectful means of leveraging data for innovative and beneficial purposes. Learn more at
  • AccessPrivacy National Lead, Adam Kardash, was invited by Transport Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to join an Advisory Group of the Car of the Future, along with other senior representatives from governments, industry, environmental and consumer groups and academia, to develop recommendations for the Federal Government to consider as it positions Canada to become a global leader in the deployment of connected and automated vehicles.
  • For years, AccessPrivacy has been a proud supporter and partner of the International Accountability Foundation, in its efforts to develop progressive accountability frameworks for data governance and promote the adoption of ethical principles to help guide the responsible use of data in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

If you would like to learn more about these and other thought leadership initiatives of AccessPrivacy, contact us.