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Our Privacy and Access to Information calls are 30 minute telephone conferences led by our experienced team of professionals. We offer expert analysis and insights into emerging issues and notable developments in the privacy, access and information management space. The calls provide privacy professionals with a unique opportunity to stay current in the rapidly evolving field of privacy, access and information management.

Here is a sample of our January 27, 2020 call:

One of the powerful and intensifying themes in the privacy arena is the continued expansion of data regulation.

When considering the concept of privacy regulation—and certainly in the course of receiving queries from clients—there is a tendency to focus the queries and discussion on PIPEDA.

This, of course, over simplifies the Canadian privacy statutory regime, as there are 33 federal and provincial private sector, public sector and health sectoral privacy statutes.

And this excludes the privacy-regulating aspects contained within Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation, as well as a host of data-oriented provisions in scores of other statutory instruments.

Interestingly, in our day-to-day practice, our client mandates are necessitating a more regular consideration of the suite of provincial consumer reporting legislation, which contain several notable features on the data-regulation front.

There is a tendency to view these consumer reporting statues as only relevant for credit bureaus, namely Equifax and TransUnion. But, notably, these statutes have broader application, and--while the precise scope of application will depend on the provincial regime in question--these statutes can apply directly to a broader array of companies who are deemed to furnish consumer reports about individuals.


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