July 06, 2023 - Private Sector, Quebec

AccessPrivacy Submission to the CAI's Law 25 Consent Guidelines Consultation 

The Commission d'accès à l'information (CAI) has prepared draft guidelines on the criteria for the validity of consent under Law 25's amendments to Quebec’s private and public sector privacy legislation.

On June 14th, Osler national privacy team members Adam Kardash, Joanna Fine and Julien Morissette held an interactive online workshop designed to assist organizations and trade associations in understanding the scope, meaning, and impact of the proposed guidelines, and to help stakeholders prepare their own submissions for the CAI's consultation. 

AccessPrivacy was pleased to share the recording of the workshop with the CAI as its submission to the consultation process, along with an explanatory cover letter (in both English and French).

The two-hour workshop focused on the themes of the numerous queries and comments Osler has received from its Canadian and foreign-based clients about the CAI’s draft consent guidelines.

Over 140 Chief Privacy Officers, Senior Counsel and privacy professionals across a breadth of industry sectors, including representatives from retail, banking, telecommunications, trade associations, and other public- and private-sector organizations, registered for and attended the workshop. AccessPrivacy also extended an invitation to the CAI to join the workshop in an observational capacity, and two representatives were in attendance as observers during the discussion.