IT World Canada covers panel on CPPA, featuring Adam Kardash and other privacy experts

A recent article in IT World Canada reports on an online panel discussion hosted by the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Law, Technology and Society on November 24, which tapped into the first thoughts of privacy thought leaders on the federal government’s proposed new privacy legislation, Consumer Privacy Protection Act  (CPPA).

Adam Kardash, AccessPrivacy National Lead, questioned in the discussion why the CPPA continues PIPEDA’s reliance on firms getting clear user consent to use their personal information. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides that consent is only one lawful basis for processing personal information.  There should be more debate on this, Adam says.

For more information, read Howard Solomon’s full article, “Legal experts say proposed Canadian privacy law may face ‘a lot of push-back’ from business” in IT World Canada.