August 13, 2020 - Private Sector

Ontario Launches Consultation for New Provincial Private Sector Privacy Legislation

Yet more legislative reform may be on the horizon in Canada, as Ontario's Ministry of Government and Consumer Services ("MGCS") launched a privacy consultation today with the goal of creating a legislative framework for privacy in the private sector.

As part of the consultation, the MGCS is seeking input on the following privacy-related topics and ideas for reform:

  • Enforcement powers for the Information and Privacy Commissioner, including giving the commissioner the ability to impose penalties;
  • Consent provisions allowing individuals to revoke consent at any time, including an "opt-in" model for secondary uses of their information;
  • Introducing individual data portability and data deletion rights;
  • Requirements for data that has been de-identified and derived from personal information; and
  • Enabling the establishment of data trusts for privacy protective data sharing.

The deadline for written submissions is October 1, 2020.