February 13, 2020

Discover what the new AccessPrivacy Knowledge Portal has to offer

We are pleased to announce that an upgraded version of the AccessPrivacy Knowledge Portal is now available. The website has been modernized to provide updated content, a more easily accessible format and improved navigation to give you the information you need at your fingertips.

The latest design enhancements, improved search functionality and innovative browse capabilities now take you more easily to practical content from the Osler team and trusted advisors.

What’s included for subscribers in the new Knowledge Portal?

  • Topic Hubs. These succinct summaries provide a pan-Canadian overview of the current state of the law on more than 100 access and privacy topics across the private and public sectors. The updated topic hubs also feature convenient statutory tables comparing relevant provisions across various jurisdictions.
  • Tools and Charts.  These easy-to-use resources are designed to help you by distilling the complex arena of privacy and access law into straightforward visuals.
  • Privacy in the Courts. This quarterly publication helps you stay in the know, navigate recent court decisions and privacy law developments, and gain insight into what they may mean for your organization.
  • The Monthly Scan. This comprehensive snapshot of key relevant developments each month provides easily accessible links to source materials, helping save you and your team hours of environmental scanning.
  • Privacy Legislation. Browse this comprehensive collection of privacy and access laws across the country, sorted by sector or jurisdiction.
  • Archive of AccessPrivacy Calls. Listen to recordings of any of our previous AccessPrivacy calls anytime at your convenience. 
  • Discount Offer. Get 25% off all AccessPrivacy events, including our annual conference and any of our workshops.

Stay informed with our AccessPrivacy calls and information updates.

Join our regularly scheduled calls to hear expert commentary and analysis about emerging issues and notable developments in the privacy, access and data management space. Also, take advantage of our E-News Updates, which provide timely notices on key privacy and access law developments across the country that you need to know as they happen.

We hope that you will benefit from our new and improved service.  If you have any questions about our updated site, contact info@accessprivacy.com.