Privacy and cybersecurity in Canada 2018

Getting the Deal Through: Market Intelligence provides a unique perspective on the evolving legal and regulatory landscapes in major jurisdictions worldwide. The online publication featured Osler lawyers Patricia KosseimJohn Salloum and Rachel St. John in a wide-ranging Q&A that covers many aspects of the current privacy and cybersecurity landscape in Canada. In this in-depth discussion, they address many topics, including

  • the key regulatory developments concerning cybersecurity standards in Canada
  • the issues that companies must address when they suffer a data security incident
  • the rules surrounding notifying regulators and consumers about data breaches
  • the data security and privacy concerns that businesses should consider when thinking about moving data to a cloud-hosting environment
  • the best practices Canadian organizations are following to improve cybersecurity preparedness
  • the ways the Canadian government is addressing serious cybersecurity threats and criminal activity
  • how companies should factor privacy and data security risks into their decision-making when contemplating M&A deals

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