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November 27, 2013
Today Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the appointment of Ms. Chantal Bernier as Interim Privacy Commissioner, effective December 3, 2013. Ms. Bernier will serve until a new Privacy Commissioner is selected.
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November 22, 2013

A cyberbullying bill, entitled the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act, was introduced this week by the federal government.  

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November 15, 2013

Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) was declared invalid by the Supreme Court of Canada in a decision released this morning.


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November 11, 2013

The Supreme Court of Canada released a decision last week regarding the search of computers and cellular phones under Section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the "Charter").

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November 4, 2013

The Federal Court of Canada recently ordered Bell Canada to pay $21,000 in damages in connection with conducting a credit check on a customer without consent. 

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